LA is a Huggy Place

After 15+ years in Los Angeles, this Boston girl has become… a hugger. California… LA… you win.

When I first moved here this was easily the hardest practice to get used to. In LA we hug ALL. THE. TIME. Good morning. See you tomorrow. Thanks for showing up. Happy Tuesday. Welcome to the meeting. TGIF. I saw you yesterday but oh my god I need a hug. You name it – we hug.

In New England we hug when the occasion calls for it – Seeing you for the first time in a long time. Not going to be seeing you for quite a while. Someone died. Congrats on your new baby. (Didn’t want to end on a depressing note.) Milestones. Occasions. Life events.

In New England the handshake is standard, the hug is special. In LA the hug is standard, the handshake is weird (and often feels rude). It’s a very confusing transition. It’s not easy to adjust to suddenly having strangers in your space… at all times.

But… it happened… and now I’m not just used to it. I’m good with it.

And now… Coronavirus. CDC says keep a safe distance. If you have to knuckles.

In Boston, they’ll be fine. The transition from handshake to knuckles will be fine.

Then again… perhaps not. #LetsGoRedSox

In LA, what the hell are we going to do? I’m asking. Literally. I just finally got used to having you all in my business. I’m going to miss you.

And, also just cause it would be irresponsible otherwise… wash your hands and get your flu shot!

Finally… just let this sink in…

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