What TV Shows Should I Watch?

Hi there – My name is Mel B. and I’m a workaholic.

I think I’ve said that before and it’s true. However, recent events have made me re-think the importance of being a workaholic. I’ve decided to take some time for me and for the first time in my life, not worry. My counterpart here at CPW and the #manofmystery have been advocating that for a long time.

So now, I’m taking it.

I am going to focus on doing the things that make me happy…so yes that it is cooking/baking more, yoga/spinning daily, and watching the TV shows that help me escape. But what else?

And I’m looking for new suggestions. Here’s what’s currently on my playlist.

Kinda, sorta. We just finished the entire six seasons! AND. I’M. SHOOK. I want to be a part of the Taylor family.
Too many shows and movies to count here…if you haven’t invested in Disney+, do it, you’re missing out
An updated version of “Glee” – for millennials. You’d think I hate it…but any show that has spontaneous singing and dancing scenes….well, I’m here for it!
Anything on Bravo is much needed! YAAAS PLEASE
If you don’t watch Parks and Rec, we can’t be friends. Or The Office…
If you ever lived with me, you know I am obsessed with any type of court TV. And with a judge from Miami, how can you go wrong?

Now TV is one escape…I’m promising myself (and guess to anyone reading this) that I’m going to read more. So open to ideas on that as well. But until then….

Yoga and meditation will always get me through. Nope, not me, but how peaceful is this pic?

I am working on my positivity and happiness. Again, this is where the #manofmystery and I are the kind of opposites that work well together. He is glass half-full and I am glass half-empty. He also hates working out, but I am obsessed. So ying/yang I guess.

If you had time to focus on yourself, what would you do? What would you read? Watch? Cook? Just do in general (sleep more? take a class? learn a new skill?)

I’m open – talk to me.

-Mel B.

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