About Us

Sometimes you just need a place to tell your stories… the good, the bad, the ugly. The things you think about while stuck in traffic on the 405, the T or the Tube. What the hell just happened on the latest episode of [insert latest binge watch]. Muse about the song that just hit you right in the face today.

Sometimes, as you are looking for that space, you discover that other people are also doing some pretty cool stuff and you just want to share it.

In the end we are all searching for the same things:
Our place in the world
Our tribe
Our Pacey Witter.

Looking for brave souls to join us: chasingpaceywitter@gmail.com


We all have a story to tell!

This is a positive space. Constructive criticism and spirited discussion are welcome. This is a safe space for all to tell their stories, comment, and share feelings and feedback.

Comments that are not respectful and open minded will not be accepted. They will be removed at the discretion of the administrator.