Thankful – Day 12: It’s Ok to Look at the Glass Half-Empty Sometimes

As much as I try to be an optimist, unfortunately, I have to work very hard at seeing the glass half-full versus half-empty. The #manofmystery is much more optimistic than I am, and together, we remind each other that we need to look on the bright side of things.

  • Are our jobs perfect? Nope.
  • Did we need to work out the “new normal” with Baby Bella? Yup!
  • Do we have to balance work/life/family/friends/alone time/together time? Sure do.

But would I change any of it? No. (Well maybe some things need to be changed a little. But that is another topic for another day.)

The other night I had a yoga practice that was incredibly enlightening for me. My teacher said she likes to teach the classes SHE needs. And she doesn’t like November as she equates it to being similar to the the day after a great party. There is much to be cleaned up, food to be tossed, and a nasty hangover to contend with. So we did a heart opener class to help bring our heart and happiness forward.

She did exactly what I needed to do. I needed to clear some of the cobwebs in my head. I had a great weekend, but I was tired and not feeling like myself and am still getting used to the sun setting at 4:30 (if you live in the North, you get it. And no, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones.)

Taking that class reminded me that it is OK to not always look at the glass full. And that others are like me – even yoga teachers – can feel that funk, even during a time of happiness. And with a little bit of effort (and in my case, a lot of yoga poses and stretches), we can pull ourselves out of that funk.

And for that class, I am thankful.

So when in doubt, do something you love to get yourself out of your own funk. Cook. Watch football. Pet your fav animal. Or do a crazy yoga pose that you’ve been practicing for years…I’ll get into a side crow one of these days.

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