Thankful – Day 25 – Leaving Early

This week is a short week! And to that I say: halle-fucking-lujah! Sorry, not sorry for the swearing. It’s a busy time and the first two days of this week have been/will be jammed pack full of meetings and everyone trying to cram meetings and last minute items into all of our work queues.

My job is to try and keep myself and my team sane. How am I going to do it?

I rarely do it, but this is the one week out of the year when I can dance out of the office in my work elevator like this…

I love a good Office meme

Or sometimes run down the staircase like…

Sorry, I didn’t write the Chubby Bubbles Girl Caption – blame it on Google. Blame it all on Google.

And not like I would ever do this, but as noted above, I just love a good Office meme.

That is all folks. Have a happy Thanksgiving/leave work early/short day/eat a lot of food and watch a ton of football kinda week.

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