Thankful – An Ode to Cranberry Sauce

First off, I realize between this post and Facebook I’m giving this article far more attention than it deserves… but I just can’t let them perpetuate lies.

Nearly Half of Americans Hate Canned Cranberry Sauce According to Recent Survey


Canned Cranberry Sauce is an American staple. No one is arguing that it is better than home made – they are different. They serve different purposes.

And sure some of those people with the textural hangups may not like it’s jellied nature, but those that love it – LOVE IT. Passionately.

It slices well – great on Thanksgiving Leftovers sandwiches.

It provides a nice cold contrast to a steaming pile of butter filled mashed potatoes.

It’s spreadable and NO WHERE near as gross as mayonnaise.

You can’t screw it up. I mean, maybe, if you like really tried to mangle the can. But you’d really have to work at that.

Some people love it so much their families get them their own cans. They love it so much.

I mean seriously, who did they survey?

Cranberry Sauce… don’t take it personally, haters gonna hate!

Cranberry Sauce… I feel about you the way Toby Keith feels about Solo Cups!

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