Thankful – Day 22 – The Family I Built

Today is Friday. And it’s less than one week before Thanksgiving.

In all honesty, my life has changed greatly in the past 10 years. I used to travel to what I called “my third home” to visit family. I would meet my dad at the airport (since he had to fly too), we’d pick up our rental car, and then drive an hour away to spend a few days with my family, outside of Atlanta.

I did that every year for nearly two decades. If I wasn’t traveling there, I would go home to Miami and spend it with just my dad.

Either way I was always traveling.

Thing changed in the last few years though. I was traveling a ton for work, so didn’t want to deal with holiday travel. I had some fights with my family that hurt me immensely. Bella got sick and I didn’t want to leave her. And I met and fell in love with the #manofmystery.

Together, we started making our own traditions and built the family we wanted. My dad now comes to visit us here. We do dinner with the #manofmystery’s family. We have second Thanksgiving on Friday with close friends. We have Friendsgiving another week with others friends.

We made our own family. Our own traditions. We did it our way and I finally feel like I have a partner that I can count on can help build that life together.

And for that, dear friends, I am truly thankful.

However, as we come up on the big Thanksgiving celebration, what are YOU thankful for? Tell us in the comments or social media. #chasingpaceywitter @chasingpaceywitter

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