Thankful Days 8/9 (11/9/19) – 90s Movies

OK, so this blog is bleeding across two days. But there is a good reason why…it started yesterday and ended very early this morning. Sounds more racy than it is.

Have you ever watched Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, or Dogma? If so, then you are a child of the 90s. Or like us, college students of the 90s. I used to watch these in my door room with friends and other folks on our floor.

Last night I did something I haven’t done, since well…college days. I went out after 10 PM, which means I went out later than my current bed time. And I didn’t come home until nearly 2 AM, which made text messages with this one, incredibly interesting to me.

Last night I went out with a couple of my guy friends to see Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and then listened to a long-drawn out Q&A with Kevin Smith. WHO I LOVE, BUT THE MAN CAN TALK! And I’m a talker, so that is saying a lot.

The movie was hysterical! It brought back all of the actors from all of these movies (minus Shannen Doherty, which is the only big loss for me.) But somehow they all came back in some shape or form – big role or small role – and it was just pure magic. And made me feel like I was 18 or 19 again. So thank you Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith.

So what am I thankful today and why does this post matter? Well, I am thankful for reminiscing about fun college days, I am thankful for a late dinner and fun show, I am thankful I can still stay up past midnight and come home close to 2 AM to the #manofmystery. I am thankful I can still write the post a bit hungover and have it still make sense. (#thankyoucoffee!)

Yes, I’m in my 40s, and I am thankful I can act like a college teenager again from time to time – which by the way is when the two of us met – so that makes me even more thankful!

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