Thankful – Team Sports

It’s no big secret. I love football. I love my New England Patriots! Haters hold your fire… this post is not about them. I also love me some baseball… and my beloved Boston Red Sox. The Yankees will always SUCK. And this post isn’t about them either.

What I’m thankful for is Team Sports. And the lessons learned from them.

Team sports teach a very different mentality – you might want to be the pitcher because they get all the glory – but you may have a catchers arm. You might want to play 2nd base, but really, you’ve got a right field glove. But you learn that no matter what you have a place on the team. You know where you start, what’s expected of you and when someone else goes down you how to make the shift.

And more importantly you know how everyone else on the team is going to make the shift.

Life is not always like that. And that’s because life is unpredictable and because not everyone played team sports. And I’m not talking “I was on the golf team” or “I was on the gymnastics team” or so many others, they make a team to instill support and camaraderie, but they aren’t really team sports. When you are at the tee – It’s all you. When you fall off the beam – no one else is jumping in to finish your routine.

But when there is a rogue fly ball and you are at first base – you gotta chase – you gotta try to catch it. But you can’t chase the ball and cover the bag, so the pitcher slides over. When you get the out – 1B isn’t pissed that the pitcher moved into his territory. He pats him on the ass and sends him back to the mound. It’s just how it works.

When you find a true team of players its a magical thing – whether it’s at work or in life it’s truly amazing.

I’m thankful to have many great players in my game. I wish you all great players in yours. May you be so blessed.

And remember, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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