Thankful Day 2 (11/2/19)

Thankful for friends who go along with my shenanigans.  Who save may ass everytime one of those shenanigans backfire.  Friends who show up with Rose because it’s Tuesday and matzo ball soup and Gatorade when I’m sick.  Friends who send text messages with updates about CW stars from the 90s.  Friends who compile Zagat-like lists of restaurants and places all over the city… well really the world.  Friends who show up a day early to the party to help me set up without being asked.  Friends who understand that when I say I’m throwing a cookie party, that I’m really only making cookies (and they should bring proteins).  Friends who don’t just accept that I love cheesy high school movies but secretly love them too (or at least pretend and watch them with me anyways).  Thankful for friends who invite Aunt Tarrah over for dinner on random Tuesdays.  Friends who grasp the necessity of wine and crochet night.  

Friends who work their way through the menu at your new favorite restaurant with you.  Friends who don’t mock your latest obsession with Harry Styles fan fiction.  Friends who send random texts with their favorite new Hollywood crush.  Friends who speak my language.  Friends who know that it really is a different language.  Friends who get my Dawson’s Creek references.  Friends who remember all the really, truly great stories from high school and college – the really juice ones, but will never rat me out.  Friends who plan around my ridiculous allergies.  Friends who love “office dance party.” Friends who know they can call me when they want to go to some really dorky and amazing thing they are too embarrassed to ask anyone else to. Friends who plot world domination with you at the spa.

In short, what I’m saying to my super stupendous tribe, you are pretty fucking awesome… and thank you!

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