2019 New Holiday Roundup – Part 2

So many movies this year… so much Winter Storm Meghan!

Same Time Next Christmas – Hulu (One – One Tree Hill cast member)
Mele kalikimaka Hulu! Welcome to the holiday movie party! Lea Michele facing an insurmountable challenge – choosing between Jake Jaglieski (One Tree Hill’s Bryan Greenberg) and the hot vampire turned book editor (The Originals + Younger’s Charles Michael Davis). I say why choose, but as holiday movies go – choose she must, and of course she chooses wisely!

Mistletoes & Menorahs – Lifetime (On IMDB A Merry Holiday)
I have a new Holiday Boyfriend and his name is Jake Epstein. He can charm the pants off you in even the worst holiday movie (this wasn’t the worst holiday movie). Clever premise – cross holiday education – but the surrounding storylines were a little obscure and stretched. But again, Jake Epstein.

Storybook Christmas – Lifetime
My favorite of my new holiday boyfriend Jake Epstein’s Lifetime offerings – once you get over the sure ‘invite a strange man to live in your house and take care of your pre-teen daughter’ thing, it’s a cute movie aiming for a clever plot twist. You totally see it coming, but you aren’t mad. And again, Jake Epstein is just totally charming as the holiday puppy in love. Move of this Lifetime, more of this!!!

Matchmaker Christmas – Lifetime
If you are only watching one Corey Sevier movie this holiday season, this is the one. Don’t know who that is, me either, but Lifetime seems to like him, and this movie proves why. Starring with Emily Rose – who seems to have been in a ton of things I’ve seen, but I can’t place my finger on – it’s a delightful and appropriate pairing. Though I could totally do without her boss – that character is terrible.

Grounded for Christmas – Lifetime
Of the two Corey Sevier offerins this year – my least favorite. There is a reason this plane never got off the ground.

Christmas Unleashed – Lifetime (Vanessa Lachey)
Totally predictable and totally fine with me. Female star I like. Male star who you just want to bring home to mom (I’m talking about the dog!!!)… and she rekindles a romance with an old boyfriend. Nothing not to love here!

Staging Christmas – Lifetime (staring PUNKY BREWSTER!!! and URKEL!!!!)
Admittedly we watched for Solieil Moonfrye and Jaleel White. Could have used a little more Jaleel and honestly a little less of the lead guy. It was a cute baking cookies, on in the background movie.

Radio Christmas – Lifetime
I feel like they needed to spend maybe 5 more minutes coming up with a title for this one. It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst, but more of the good samaritan future boyfriend, more of the grumpy grandpa and more of that little girl.

No Time Like Christmas – Lifetime
This one just spoke to me – the characters were likable, there was a genuine attempt at a plot. There was a mysterious Santa figure. And more Edward Ruttle please. And Kyla Pratt knows her way around a holiday movie, and I’m here for it.

A Sweet Mountain Christmas – Lifetime (Megan Hilty)
Anytime we get to hear Megan Hilty sing – we are off to a good start. Totally enjoyable start to end. And that boyfriend she left behind in Sweet Mountain, not too shabby.

Christmas Reservations – Lifetime (Melissa Joan Hart and the dad from Family Ties)
I had my reservations about this movie, and they were right. Winter Storm Meghan won kept my holiday affections cold as ice for this flick.

Christmas Stars – Lifetime
Admittedly, this couple won me over. It took a bit for me to warm up to them, but ultimately, the moved the holiday pine needle for me.

Twinkle All The Way – Lifetime
Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew and Hart of Dixie’s Ryan McPartlin worked in this charming tale of two single parents at the holidays. There’s no evil ex-girlfriend or conniving stage mom, it’s just two people trying to figure it out and their super adorable kids

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