I’m Too Exhausted to Write

I’ve been putting off writing all week.

Not because I wanted to, but mentally, I couldn’t take writing down my feelings. It’s been an emotional week and probably one of the toughest I have gone through since my mom died in 2002.

Yeah…this week has been almost as upsetting as that fateful week nearly 18 years ago. That is saying something.

I’m exhausted
  • Bella got really sick the day after Thanksgiving and bills are piling up and we’re still working out the kinks with her new meds.
  • #manofmystery lost a dear friend this week. (I can’t even fathom what he is feeling right now.)
  • Work has been emotionally draining.
  • Insurance royally screwed up several of my medical bills and I’ve been fighting with them for months. Thanks American health system!
  • Overall stress with the holidays.
This is how I feel daily.

So dear friends, this is why it has taken me nearly a week to write this post. It’s #friyay and it is #fridaythe13th, but basically

I’m just kinda done…

I’m hoping next week will be better considering it’s the last full week of work for me for the year. Fingers crossed. Thanks for reading…plan to be in a better place next week.

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