Thankful Day 6 (11/6) – The Internet

Today, I’m thankful for the Internet.  The freakin’ Internet. There is plenty to disagree with where the Internet is concerned.  But today I’m excited that the Internet allows for such gems as the video below from “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” 

Thanks to this clip… and the Internet… I have now identified my two newest favorite Massholes (for those of you not in the know:  Masshole) – Chris Evans and Scott Evans

It’s 2 days later and I’m still laughing every time I think about this.  When Chris realizes what Scott is about to share, I just about die.Tears.  Full tears. 

This is what the internet is for.  This.  Videos with monkeys dressed up like people.  And videos of Miniature Pigs riding on the back of dogs.

Jimmy Fallon, thank you.  Evans brothers, thank you.

And to my brother… if there was a story even remotely in this family… don’t even think about if we are ever on The Tonight Show together. 

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