When a Staycation is More than a Vacation

It’s been a tough couple of weeks y’all. I try not to complain too much, but the past few weeks have been hard. First Baby Bella is sick and then our hot water tank broke. Found that out when I took a cold shower at 3 am one morning, just in time to board a 6 am flight for a day trip to NYC. 

Plus a gazillion other things have been topsy turvy this summer.

But I digress…let me get to the point of this story.

Staycations are amazing. If you haven’t tried one, just do it. If you don’t have the time to take a full week off, but need to re-charge. Staycation. If you need a break, but not the funds. Staycation.

Long story short, the #manofmystery was going to take me away to Montreal for my birthday. It was a gift he gave me ON my birthday in July, but we decided to do the trip in the Fall so we could drive through Vermont and see the leaves change. It was going to be perfect. Just four or five days, on our own terms. No flights. No TSA nonsense. Just a drive and whatever we wanted to do.

Then, as you know, Baby Bella got sicker. (BTW, thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts – she is receptive to her new medicine and acclimating to her blindness very well.) And as encouraging as her vet was when we took her in, she highly suggested we stay home versus taking Bella to be boarded, while getting used to new meds. 

Made sense. And we made the decision on the way home to turn our vacation into a staycation. 

It was the best decision we ever made. He slept in. I went to a bunch of yoga classes. We went apple picking on the first day of Fall. We even did a couple massage (again HIGHLY RECOMMEND. We did a CBD oil massage and it was the best decision ever.)

After the staycation, we were refreshed, happy, and ready to take on the world a bit more. Just do it. 

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