2019 NEW Holiday Movie Roundup – Part 1

Guys, guys, guys… there are so many new Holiday Movies this year and we are 100% here for it. Here’s our pithy re-cap of the ones we’ve watched so far… many more to come!

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Freeform – 25 Days of Christmas

Let it Snow (Netflix) – Kiernan Shipka, Joan Cusack
This movie actually stars a strong showing of young people who I look forward to becoming more acquainted with. Taking place on Christmas Eve without overdoing the holiday tropes, it shares the magic of Christmas with a “Crash”-light storyline. Totally delightful. Plenty of snow. And a precious little pig. (And, did anyone else have to look up whether or not Joan Cusack and Odeya Rush were related?)

Holiday in the Wild (Netflix) – Rob Lowe, Kristin Davis
Playing a little fast and loose with the word “holiday” – but it’s okay we’re here for it. Mostly we are here for Rob Lowe and so many cute elephants. There are a few faux Christmas snow scenes and a lightly authentic African Christmas scene (which somehow did NOT include “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” on the soundtrack). But for those of you who live with The Grinch who thinks Xmas movies can’t start before Thanksgiving – this is an entertaining compromise.

Santa Girl (Netflix) – Starring the Millenials’ answer to Breckin Meyer
Here’s what I’m going to say… watch the Trailer (here). If you haven’t turned it off by 1:15 then make your decision based on Jack Frost. There is a great, cheesy, campy holiday premise here and perhaps if you have some extra weed hanging around, then you might want to smoke it while watching this. That said the Breckin Meyer look-a-like should be cast in more stuff.

Write Before Christmas (Hallmark) – Starring three cast members of One Tree Hill
Eveything you have come to love from Hallmark Christmas movies with a healthy dose of CW pretty. The only real confusing part was when Lucas and Nanny Carrie were being serenaded by Vegas, but we’ll let that slide, cause “One Tree Hill.”

The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix) – Vanessa Hudgens
Exactly what you’ve come to expect from light holiday fare – woman who’s given up on true love, handsome knight in shining armor (in this case, literally) and starring our second favorite cast member from “High School Musical.” And Cara Russell, rooting for a sequel (and another cameo from you!)

Holly Star (Netflix)
Serious kudos for giving the Bunraku Puppeteers center stage. I’m honestly torn between being totally creeped out by the puppets in search of treasure and wanting more puppets and less people. This one is definitely not being added to ‘My List.’

Christmas 9 to 5 (Lifetime) Tiya Sircar
Admittedly biased, always want to support what Tiya Sircar is doing, and once again I was not disappointed. Cute little twist on the save traditional Christmas tale. And, now I’m really into learning how to make candy canes. Is that really something people do? Amazing.

A Christmas Wish (Lifetime) – 90% of the cast of “One Tree Hill”
Two things about this movie, if it stars cast members of “One Tree Hill” reuniting, I’m in. Second, tip of the hat to Hilarie Burton for producing one. Gotta hand it to a #bosslady who decides to tackle projects basically so she can work with her friends! Appreciate the mentality!

Always and Forever Christmas (Lifetime)
100% expected, but props for a solid Mrs. Claus pulling the reigns, and perfect for a lazy Saturday on the couch.

Merry Liddle Christmas (Lifetime) – Kelly Rowland, producing and starring
The not-so-perfect-family-Christmas movie, but don’t worry everything turns out for the best and they hug it out in the end. An enjoyable ride, save for the very obvious Bailey’s plug – who seriously drinks that straight out of a glass?

Christmas in Louisiana (Lifetime) – Jana Kramer + Moira Kelly (2 Castmembers of “One Tree Hill”)
I mean obviously, Jana Kramer’s character was going to fall in love with her high school boyfriend again – and he’s totally adorable. There was a lot of well-bleneded Holiday Movie tropes in this one, and that’s totally good with me.

A Very Vintage Christmas (Lifetime) – Tia Mowry-Hardrict
A Christmas Treasure Hunt to find the owner of a mystery box long lost and forgotten inside an antique chest. A different spin on the usual holiday movie hijinx and some welcome chemistry between the leads.

Christmas a la Mode (Lifetime)
Ice Cream at Christmas. Saving the family dairy farm. An evil sister and her handsome co-worker trying to sell the farm. Apple pie and ice cream. What’s not to love!

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