Thankful – Long Overdue Brunches

You often hear people talking about those friends they have that even if it’s been a long time since they have been together, the second they are everything falls back into place, like no time had passed.

I am very, very fortunate in my life to have many of these friends.  Fortunate because I love them dearly and fortunate because the INTJ is real and sometimes I just don’t have it in me to be social.

I am very thankful to have those friends in my life. 

I am even more thankful that I have those friends that stick with me when our brunches and dinners and catch up sessions get further and further apart. 

I love losing track with you at brunch, catching up on our lives, on the television we are watching, gossiping about who got married, who had kids, who got a haircut they shouldn’t (Not all gossip is bad).  

I love looking at my phone when you run to the bathroom and realizing we’ve been chatting for three hours. 

I love when the waitress gives up on us and just let’s us be. 

I love checking out a new restaurant with you. 

I love having you over for wine and cheese night.  (Because who really needs dinner?)

I love the strange places these conversations go – we’ve skipped so much time that the trail of stories is an amazing zigzag.  And I live for it. 

Seeing your posts on Facebook and Instagram are great – damn your kids are getting big – but I want the messy behind-the-scenes story that you can only share in person. 

So, thank you BRUNCH for being there.  And dinner.  And Wine. And whatever excuse we use to catch up!

I look forward to seeing you again!

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