Thankful — Shoes

Today… I am thankful for shoes.  Shoes are beautiful.  Shoes are wonderful.  Shoes never make you look fat.

I love all shoes.

But, this is really an I am thankful for Freebird by Steven Shoes.  This is #notanad.

I love these shoes.  

I have several pairs.  They are all my favorites.  

What do I like about them so much?  I like their style.  I like that they are funky and have personality.  I like that they make my outfits stand out.  I like how hot they are.  I like that they have funky country styles and hip sexy styles just the same. 

I’m currently coveting this pair…

Coveting them SO HARD!

But I just purchased this pair…

So… in the words of Aloe Blacc “I Need a Dollar.”

Again, I digress, this is not what I’m thankful for… I’m thankful for their attention to their customers.

I own this pair…

And one of those little chevron grommets snapped off.  I kept wearing them with the missing grommet, but as a child who never colored outside the lines, it was driving me over the edge, I couldn’t live with that.  So I wrote them a note.  I was happy to pay to have my shoe fixed – I just wanted to know how.

After a couple e-mails over one morning, including a couple photos of the shoes in question, the Customer Service team at FREEBIRD had sent me a replacement grommet and instructed me to take my shoe to my local cobbler to have it repaired.  

There was no begging, no complaining, no ‘how many shoes have I purchased from your company’ issues.  They just assessed the situation, identified the problem and sent me a solve.

Now I get to wear my super cute shoes and not be self conscious about the missing grommet.  And I’m not the least bit burned by the Customer Service experience.  Quite the opposite in fact… I’m getting ready to send them more of my hard earned dollars… for another super cute pair of shoes. 

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