Lady and the mini-Tramp: “Dead to Me” made me buy it!

Like 30 million other households, Netflix sucked me in with Christina Applegate’s “Dead to Me.”  Kind of a weird concept, lady buddy dramedy, with a dark twist.  I devoured it.  But also, let’s be honest, I’m built for binge-watching. 

We all get different things out of our TV shows.  “Dawson’s Creek” gave me (and let’s be honest, the world) Pacey, and “Dead to Me” got me a trampoline.

In what amounts to approximately 30 seconds of screen time, James Marsden wakes up and does his AM workout on a mini-trampoline on his balcony.

And that’s all it took.  I had to have one.  It’s in my living room right now.

I can’t explain it.  I had to have one.  HAD. TO. HAVE. ONE.

I looked up the trampoline workouts on Pinterest and did a little “research” on the benefits.  10 minutes being roughly the equivalent of a 30-minute jog.  And better on your joints.   Done. Sold.  I was already getting one.  But now I was ordering it on Amazon Prime. Two-day shipping kids!

I thought this will be perfect for me to do while enjoying the aforementioned  binge-watching.  Two birds.  One stone. 

So far, this is what I’ve learned…

  1. It’s hard.  10 minutes may be equivalent to a 30-min job, but, first you have to get to 10 minutes.   After 45 seconds, I was nearly falling over.  And I was sweating profusely.  I can kill 10 minutes on social media in no time at all.  10 minutes on the mini-tramp is an eternity.
  2. No matter what I’m burning more calories and getting my heart beat pumping way more than it ever has during crochet and binge-watch days.
  3. I really like it.  It’s rather freeing.  And, the commute is right.  3 second walk to my living room.  Though, I do really wonder what my neighbors think, but then again, they probably already have so many questions about me.

We’ll be coming back to the trampoline…

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  1. Rachel

    August 3, 2019 at 2:10 am

    I totally want to get one now! Need to push past that 30 sec mark.

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