Thankful Day 19 – Not sure what to write…

While I realize this is an unusual title — and it is — it is true to what I’m thinking right now. I do like to live my life with an attitude of gratitude, and while I wrote a great post earlier this morning, I didn’t feel comfortable posting it (yet.)

So instead of writing one post on one big thing I am thankful, here is a list of little things I am most thankful for today:

  • A funny text exchange my partner in crime on this blog last night (yes, he made a GenX comment and yes, I did poke him in the ear because of it.)
  • The ability to work from home when needed. I paid for a parking spot at my local train station and yet, when I got there (surprise, surprise!) all the spots were taken (big middle finger to the MBTA here in Boston.) However, I am getting reimbursed for my parking and my boss was understanding of me working from home.
  • Due to this, I was able to get some personal financial work done before the day officially started.
  • Also due to this, Baby Bella is sleeping just a few feet away from me.
  • I was also able to see the #manofmystery before he headed off to work for the day.
  • I can easily go off to dinner with an old friend/colleague without rushing tonight.
  • I can write this post.

It’s the million little things that make the one larger day happier and me, more grateful.

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